About Us

Cougars Youth Club was formed by two individuals, Jaime Borda and Ricardo Luis, with a belief in mind to build great character, sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, and desire in order to excel not only in soccer but in every stage of the athletes' lives. We also believe that part of that growth is being able to do what you love with your friends surrounded by solid mentors such as their parents, coaches, and their extended family of teammates.


How it got Started?

Both Jaime and Ricardo have previously coached other teams but in the 4 years prior to starting CYC had consistently been coaching their own children’s teams.  At  the time, Jaime coached a U9 Boys team while Ricardo coached a U9 Girls team.  Both teams had stayed very consistent with the same returning players which was a great indicator that the kids were having fun playing the game and the parents liked the results that they were seeing in their own children.  Many of the families of the children that played on our teams created great bonds with each other that have grown over the years of watching their children play and they didn't want it to end.  They also understood that their children were at a key stage in their development that would benefit from exposure to higher level competition but wanted to have their children remain with their current teammates and coaches.  Parents on both teams began to inquire of how this could be possible with their respective coaches.  Parents were not willing to pay the high costs of the many local travel programs and didn't want their children to go through the “try-out” program at a club that would place their friends on different teams of the same program.  The key was keeping the team together.


Surprised by the lack of opportunities in joining a club as an entire team, both Jaime and Ricardo decided that the best direction was for them to create their own club and give themselves and their current teams this opportunity.  Just like the two of us, there are other dedicated individuals that have a vast experience in the game, have a talent and passion for coaching but that due to other commitments, are not able to work full time under a specific club.  We want to give those individuals like us that have developed talented teams the opportunity to join our travel program while keeping their team together.


Looking Forward

The main focus is to keep teams together at this key stage of a player’s development where one of the most important parts is having fun with their friends while at the same time working hard together to develop the self-confidence, tactical knowledge, vision, technical skills, character, integrity and decision making ability.  As our own teams continue to rise within the different age groups, we hope to continue expanding the club by offering other coaches the same opportunity to join us in this purpose of keeping their teams together by allowing new teams to be part of Cougars Youth Club's Travel Program.  CYC is committed to the development of our players and through the collaboration of the organization and coaches it will seek the best ways to offer the best opportunities for them. 


In planning for the future, Cougars Youth Club wants to be able to sustain its own growth via its Development programs in both Soccer and Basketball.  This will allow the development of individual players, teams, and coaches that would have the desire to make the transition to the Travel program within the specific sport when ready while keeping the financial impact on families at a minimal cost in comparison to other clubs.


Cougars Youth Club believes that the current sports culture in our area is having the same impact on other players, families, teams and coaches in our area as it did on ours.  We are here to offer a different opportunity and perspective not only in Soccer but in Basketball and possibly other sports in the future.  We believe that part of that growth is by being able to do what you love with your friends surrounded by solid mentors such as their parents, coaches, and their extended family of teammates.  


Partners & Sponsors

Interested in a Sponsorship opportunity with Cougars Youth Club?  Send us an email at cougarsyc@aol.com