CYC's goal is to continue to improve and develop the players and teams to allow the best opportunity to succeed within an environment which they are comfortable in and at the same time enjoy the companionship of their friends. CYC coaches will work to develop a player's characteristics of hard work, self-confidence, tactical knowledge, vision, technical skills, character, integrity and decision making ability. 
Cougars Youth Club understands that the transition to travel soccer for players can be challenging due to additional practice time, traveling to games, and the higher level of competition on a week to week basis.  These changes not only impact the players but the parents as well. Along with the additional daily challenges for parents, the biggest impact on a family can be the cost of participating in a Travel program. CYC does not want the "cost of Travel" to be the reason why players and teams should not have access to better competition and through its program and coaches we seek to offer that opportunity to players and teams.